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In brief French companies. Urbasolar, Renusol+SMA, Engie Green and VSB EN installations, PV Cycle France-Soren

In brief French companies. Urbasolar, Renusol+SMA, Engie Green and VSB EN installations, PV Cycle France-Soren

Urbasolar is launching a recruitment campaign for 100 people, a third more than its current workforce. This concerns all areas: engineering, R&D, information technology, but also prospecting and development, legal and finance. These positions are to be filled in France, but also in Italy and Spain.

The 30% hiring rate has been maintained every year since 2017

For the financial year ending 31 March 2021, turnover reached €222m. The volume of business has doubled over the previous year. Urbasolar is a subsidiary of Swiss Axpo since 2019.



Renusol and SMA have teamed up to enhance the value of Renusol's fastening tool (the PV-Configurator 3.0). They have integrated it into the Sunny Design electrical design tool. The PV-Configurator software generates the design of a solar fastening system. It includes all components; it gives an overview of the mounting; it calculates the static resistance in detail with a description of the parameters and a bill of materials. The Sunny Design tool from SMA selects the most suitable inverter according to the entered project data.

The whole package elaborates the electrical part of a solar fastening project: inverter selection, yield calculation, energy management, etc...



Engie Green commissions three new solar power plants in one week. With a total of 33.1 MWC, they are installed in Ygos-Saint-Saturnin (Landes) and Onet-le-Château (Aveyron).



VSB EN installed 1.9 MWp on the roof of the Andros storage buildings in Biars-sur-Cère (46) using Italian Peimar panels and Fimer inverters.



PV Cycle France changes its name to Soren. The company is responsible for the collection and processing of used panels.


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