L R AS Published on Sunday 4 July 2021 - n° 369 - Categories:Europe

Limitations to the free movement of energy in Europe

Investigation reveals barriers in the European renewable energy market

The European Commission's antitrust investigation into EPEX Spot

has revealed barriers to the integration of renewable energy into wholesale electricity markets.

In intraday markets, sellers and buyers of electricity can trade energy up to five minutes or even seconds before the electricity is fed into the grid. Hourly, half-hourly and quarter-hourly contracts are also available. Intraday markets play a key role in balancing the grid and ensuring the efficient use of renewable technologies such as solar and wind.

EPEX Spot (West European Power Exchange) has reportedly restricted access to its order book for Nord Pool Spot (Northern European Power Exchange) customers, making it difficult to match supply and demand on the different markets. A shared order book between the two exchanges could have solved this problem,


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