L R AS Published on Monday 10 May 2021 - n° 361 - Categories:French companies

Launch of the support offer for 20 young French companies

French Tech Green20 is a support offer for 20 young French Greentech companies selected each year. The product or service of these companies must be innovative;

Their head office must be in France; their turnover must be growing; their activity must respond to the challenges of ecological transition deemed a priority by the government, such as energy efficiency. The objective of the public authorities is to support these companies to help them accelerate their development in France and abroad.

The 20 high-potential GreenTech start-ups that have been selected:

Algama exploits the nutritional qualities of micro-algae to develop vegan food products.

BeFC offers an alternative to disposable batteries and is part of a recycling and energy transition approach. This solution, composed of biofuels, allows for sustainable and practical energy production.

Canopee develops structures to combat heat islands in cities.

Deepki is a data analysis platform that optimises the energy management of buildings.

DualSun designs and manufactures high-performance solar panels that promote energy autonomy in buildings.

Entech smartenergies helps companies, campuses and municipalities to reduce their energy consumption in the broadest sense of the term. The company specialises in energy production, storage and conversion controlled by intelligent software. After 230 projects in 5 years, a validated technology and business model, Entech wants to reach a new phase in its development.

Greenly is a solution for calculating the carbon footprint of our purchases.

Hello Watt works to reduce energy consumption (electricity and gas) in households; it is the energy advisor for individuals. Hello Watt's mission is to give individuals back control over their energy consumption through various services: comparison, group purchases, solar self-consumption, energy renovation and a web-app to monitor and control consumption.

Kayrros has developed expertise in energy data analysis.

Lactips develops biodegradable packaging based on milk protein.

Lhyfe is a producer and supplier of renewable hydrogen.

Matterup offers environmentally friendly building materials based on clay.

Metron is a company specialising in energy efficiency. It offers tools to industrial companies to facilitate their ecological transition.

Namr enables companies' ecological transition strategies to be qualified or piloted thanks to the analysis of their data.

Neoplants tackles air pollution by developing plants capable of eliminating the main air pollutants using biotechnological tools.

Ombrea creates a microclimate that responds precisely to the needs of plants, protecting them from climatic hazards.

Poly to poly offers plastic tool manufacturers its experience and expertise in sustainable polymers.

Spareka promotes the repair of objects through tutorials, online appointments with experts and the sale of spare parts.

Toopi Organics collects, transforms and valorises human urine into products for agriculture and industry.

Waga Energy converts raw biogas from household waste buried in the ground into biomethane. This is then fed into the gas network used by private individuals.

Editor's note This programme could be considered anecdotal and promotional. It can be so if the accompanying measures are not provided or if there is an incompatibility of attitude between these winners and the Administration. On the other hand, the programme can be a stimulus by helping the winners to overcome difficulties, to combine skills, to give them recognition (or a label) that will serve them in other relationships. As this is the first attempt to stimulate young companies in the energy transition, we cannot prejudge what will happen. We can only hope that these twenty winners will at least receive a boost and above all that a favourable climate will be created around them.

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