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Chinese companies in brief: Sungrow in 2020 and Flat Glass in Q1

Chinese companies in brief: Sungrow in 2020 and Flat Glass inQ1

Sungrow delivered 35 GW of inverters in 2020 and achieved sales of

RMB ($3bn), up 48% on 2019. Net profit reached RMB1.9bn ($300m), up 119% (a doubling), giving a net margin of 10.1%. PV inverter sales growth doubled, and PV storage sales increased by 115%. Sales outside China doubled in 2019 but only account for 25% of sales

Sungrow launches high voltage battery and hybrid inverter for residential applications to be marketed initially in Australia and Europe



Chinese glass manufacturer Flat Glass increased its first quarter revenue by 71% to RMB2.1bn and quadrupled its net profit to RMB838m. It achieved a net margin of 40.7% of sales


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