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Solar energy, a means of reconciling man and nature

For Yves Jacquin Depeyre, man can be reconciled with his environment thanks to solar energy, which provides

We have to rethink our role in the ecosystem to become a nature-protecting humanity. We need to rethink our role in the ecosystem and become a humanity that protects nature. Solar energy is the way to radically change our civilisation, reconciling humanity with the living, so that ecology and economy are mutually reinforcing. Solar, wind and water dams provide new opportunities for humanity, as these energies are the cheapest to use. At the same time they transform the economy by reconciling it with ecology.

For the moment, solar energy is not well known in France. EDF has managed to impose its biased vision of reality. Many countries have abandoned nuclear power (Germany, Belgium, Italy, Korea, etc.). It is inaccurate to claim, as Bill Gates does, that "no other clean energy comes close to what nuclear power can provide today" (Climat, comment éviter un désastre, p.131).

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