L R AS Published on Saturday 17 April 2021 - n° 359 - Categories:France, other France

A positive energy building in Saint Etienne

The first of 100 Elithis "positive energy" residential buildings in Saint Etienne has just been purchased

by Catella European Residential Fund III (CER III) in Saint-Étienne (France). These buildings, which are heavily equipped with solar energy, will be completed within the next 10 years, with a carbon footprint that exceeds the objectives that the European Union has set for 2050.

Elithis is a real estate group that designs and builds with positive energy. These are buildings that generate more energy than they consume, at price levels comparable to those of conventional buildings.

With a surface area of 4,000 m², the Saint-Étienne building designed by Elithis will house 56 flats, 500 m² of offices and 257 m² of shops.


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