AM AS Published on Monday 1 March 2021 - n° 352 - Categories:PV Watch

A look at the evolution of photovoltaics: the Trina Solar solution

What will be the evolution of producers in the photovoltaic sector? They have embarked on a race for volume. This has enabled them to eliminate a number of intermediate manufacturers who did not follow this race. From now on, the profession is concentrated in a handful of manufacturers, whether in the production of silicon or panel wafers (the only one that escapes the production of cells because often panel producers have kept this activity). While the ten leading panel manufacturers already provide 81% of world demand, can and should we move towards further concentration? The strategy to be adopted is to be determined quickly, because by 2021, concentration will probably reach 90%. The sector is faced with a choice. Trina Solar has already made it. It should be a winner.

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