L R AS Published on Monday 15 February 2021 - n° 350 - Categories:brochures, the prices

Platelet prices increase in February

A few days before the Chinese New Year holidays, the manufacturers Zhonghuan and LONGi have increased the price of their wafers.

Zhonghuan has set the price for M6 formats

at 3.35 RMB per piece (US$0.52) and that of the G1 at 3.25 RMB. For G12 inserts, the new price is 5.60 RMB per piece.

LONGi has set the price of its M6 type P single crystal wafer (166 x 223mm, 175 um thick) at 3.35 RMB per piece, while for the G1 size (158.75 x 223mm, 175 um) the price is now 3.25 RMB per piece. For the large size M10 (182 x 247mm, 175 um) the price becomes 4.05 RMB per piece. The price increase is probably due to the high demand and despite the steady increase in stock a few days before the Chinese New Year holidays.


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