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In brief France: GreenYellow: floating power plant. Armor competition. France Hydrogène.Oxyane-Earth and Lake

In brief France: GreenYellow: floating power plant. Armor competition. 12 delegations from France Hydrogen, Oxyane-Earth and Lake

The French company GreenYellow has commissioned its first floating solar power plant. It is

a 2 MWp farm in Thailand that will supply 20% of its energy needs to the SPM Group.


PV Magazine of 12 February 2021


In November, Armor had launched a competition for the best use of its organic photovoltaic film ASCA to replace batteries and cells (Competition for the best uses of Armor's PV film)

The1st prize was awarded to the French AtmoTrack whose micro-sensor measures air quality in real time.

The 2nd prize was awarded to the German company foldAI and its Aja platform which measures environmental parameters of forests.

The 3rd prize was awarded to the Frenchman Franck Gauthier who developed SylviaCare to detect fires in natural areas.

PV Magazine of 11 February 2021


To ensure the development of the sector, France Hydrogène is creating twelve regional delegations


PV Magazine of 11 February 2021

Editor's note There is no sector yet, no industrial installations, only intentions, but the institution is getting ready to last and prosper with this creation of regional delegations. We start by spending. Then we'll see!


The farmers' cooperative Oxyane has reached an agreement with Terre et Lac to encourage farmers to install solar panels on the roofs of their sheds. Hence the creation of Oxyane Solaire.

Farmers account for 20% of the production of renewable energy in France (Ademe 2018 studies), and around 13% of the territory's solar energy production.


Tecsol of 9 February 2021

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