L R AS Published on Monday 8 February 2021 - n° 349 - Categories:decryption, various sectors

In short, new players in construction: Ampyr Solar, Macquarie

In short new players in power plant construction: Ampyr Solar, Macquarie

The Dutch company Naga Solar has joined forces with the Belgian AGP Group and the British company

Hartree Partners in Ampyr Solar to build 4 GW in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. These plants would sell their power under PPAs to users. In this way, Ampyr Solar would build up a PV asset and become an independent power producer.



The Australian group Macquarie is setting up the sub-subsidiary Cero Generation, to build 8 GW of solar power spread over various European countries. Two other sub-subsidiaries are to develop solar projects in Asia-Pacific and North America. Between them, the three of them should reach a target of 20 GW worldwide.


Editor's note It is not enough to have the intention to build, or even to have capital. The construction of a power plant is a combination of skills, know-how and years of experience acquired over time. This does not mean that newcomers will not succeed, but either they will join forces with experienced developers or they will have to learn on their own: this will cost them dearly, making them want to retire.

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