L R AS Published on Monday 18 January 2021 - n° 346 - Categories:panels

Pre-assembled panels that grip together for wind farms

The Swiss company Smartvolt has designed a system of pre-assembled panels that grip on to each other, allowing them to be placed on the ground at the foot of the wind turbine masts and folded up.

in the event of work on the wind turbine, which according to the company only occurs every twenty years. After the work is completed, the solar panels are reinstalled.

The advantage of positioning solar panels close to wind turbines comes from the easy evacuation of the energy produced. The solar production could cover two thirds of the wind power plant's own needs per year. In addition, whenever the wind turbine is not running, the electricity needs are generated by the solar energy.

According to the company, bureaucratic factors still prevent a breakthrough in this combination. "This would considerably reduce costs and make the overall concept more economically attractive".


PV Magazine of 11 January 2021

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