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Six pages on self-consumption in France

The daily newspaper Les Echos has published six pages on self-consumption in France (read on https://fr.calameo.com/read/005635607c25fe5534fc2?page=1)

The French self-consumption market is still "clearly anecdotal".

At the end of June, there were almost 78,000 installations connected to the Enedis network. This is a small number compared to Germany, where there are hundreds of thousands of self-consumers. The French market is making clear progress. One of its brakes is the relatively low price of electricity in France which limits the appeal of the formula. The other brake is the high price of the PV investment (between €7,500 and €9,000 for a 3 kWp installation). According to the author, the residential self-consumption market should grow by 10 to 15% per year over the next five years.

The collective self-consumption segment has suffered from the calls for tenders which have very often been under-subscribed and the volume of tenders reduced. The recent raising of the ceiling to 500 kWp may revive interest in the formula. BR 2020 could also have a positive impact by promoting this solution. According to the author, the collective self-consumption market could reach half a GWp by 2025.


Tecsol of 3 January 2021

Editor's note Often, an article must show the interest of having written it and therefore present its brilliant perspectives. Hence, here, forecasts. Just as photovoltaic installations are deliberately or unconsciously limited, the achievements related to self-consumption (residential and collective) are subject to powerful brakes that hinder its expansion. We may regret it, but we might as well say it.

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