L R AS Published on Monday 14 December 2020 - n° 344 - Categories:equipment manufacturing

Meyer Burger ends its conflict with Ecosolifer

Meyer Burger ends its conflict with Ecosolifer

In 2015, Ecosolifer orders a cell production line from Meyer Burger. He will only pay

CHF 860,000 out of a total of CHF 3.5 million. The start-up of the customer's plant was very late. L was unable to deliver. Since then, the equipment manufacturer has converted to production with its own equipment and is now balancing the past with a loss of CHF 2.6 million.

Ecosolifer is currently working within the Genuine Europe Solar consortium, which also includes the wafer manufacturer Nexwafe and the panel manufacturer Sunedison. These companies plan to produce heterojunction panels with thin wafers.


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