L R AS Published on Sunday 6 December 2020 - n° 343 - Categories:on request, electricity companies

Bringing together wind and solar power, the centralised grid and distributed installations

The coordination of solar energy and storage and the integration of solar and wind power in electricity companies offer opportunities to maximise savings, and have paved the way for a cheaper grid.

In the United States, the future president Joe Biden is extolling the merits for jobs and economic growth of the transition to an electricity grid using renewable energy. He spoke of the cost of 2,000 billion dollars. In reality, the transition to an RE-based electricity grid could actually cost much less and save billions of dollars, create jobs and lead to a cleaner and more reliable grid across the United States. This requires a combination of solar and local storage, as well as solar and wind power for utilities.

In fact, most grid planning processes are not adapted to consider overall resources on the basis of their costs and benefits. This is due to the fact that they analyse the grid on an ad hoc basis in the distribution, transmission and production stages. They lack comprehensive data and cannot take into account small resources such as distributed resources.


PV Magazine of 4 December.

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