L R AS Published on Monday 30 November 2020 - n° 342 - Categories:European countries, self-consumption

Italy favours self-consumption

Last March, Italy had introduced measures to encourage investment in renewable energies: households, companies and public entities could produce, sell and distribute them.

This week, a tariff of €0.11 and €0.10 per kWh

is established and will be shared among the members of the grouping. Two categories are created: self-consumption collectives bring together consumers located in the same building or group of buildings. Energy communities are broader and may include companies or public bodies located in the area close to the electricity generator.

Self-consumption electricity is not subject to charges but does not benefit from a direct incentive. The indirect incentive is an avoided electricity cost (the unconsumed electricity from the grid) ranging from €0.13 to €0.20/kWh. This requires that all participants are connected to the same low-voltage transformer substation. The Italia Solare association believes that "there is no doubt that there could be a strong acceleration in collective (or self-consumption) consumption, which until now has remained stationary".


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