L R AS Published on Saturday 21 November 2020 - n° 341 - Categories:self-consumption, French companies

Indewatt wants to develop its sensor for collective self-consumption

The young company Indewatt has developed a sensor (called Sunleavs) to supply energy to a social network and create an energy community. The inhabitants

of a neighbourhood (owners or tenants of a house or flat within a radius of 1 km) invest together in a photovoltaic installation. They then share and distribute the energy produced, as closely as possible to each person's needs. The community dimension is the main differentiation of the concept compared to existing solutions on the market.

Having won an award at the CES in Las Vegas at the end of 2019, the company wants to market its product. It is launching a €1.3 million capital increase through participative financing to finance the design office and commercial activity.


Tecsol of 18 November

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