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Producer prices on 23 September

The trend according to PV InfoLink:

Silicon :

According to PV Info Link: Some wafer manufacturers have placed orders for monosilicon to ensure sufficient stocks after the bank holiday (1 October). Some major manufacturers are still discussing

prices for October. But on the whole the orders are placed. As a result, silicon prices are stable at 93-96 RMB per kg.

Wafer manufacturers are working at full capacity, so the price of silicon will not fall quickly after the holidays.

Prices for multi-crystalline are in line with last week's prices, ranging from 65 to 69 RMB per kg. They will remain stable until the holidays.

For foreign countries, price negotiations are postponed until after the holidays. Polysilicon prices for mono-Si wafers remained at $10.2-10.7/kg and those for multi-Si wafers at $7.2-7.7/kg.

The wafers :

According to PV InfoLink : The monosilicon shortage is less severe than in August, stabilising the price of monosilicon wafers. Supply and demand have recently balanced, resulting in stable prices. The G1 wafer is worth between 3.03 and 3.08 RMB each, while the M6 wafer is worth 3.18 - 3.23 RMB each in China. Overseas, they are worth $0.386-0.392/piece for G1 and $0.405-0.411/piece for M6 in overseas markets.

As the price of multicrystalline is high, wafer manufacturers are building up inventories. Prices remain between RMB 1.55 and 1.65 per piece ($0.203-0.215 per piece in non-Chinese markets).

The cells :

According to PV InfoLink : Most contracts are concluded at 0.86 RMB/W because manufacturers of tier 2 and 3 cells have difficulty in fulfilling their orders. M6 cells, which enjoyed strong demand in the fourth quarter and whose new production capacity is still being commissioned, have a price that remains high as before at 0.92-0.93 RMB/W. A few agreements were reached in October at less than 0.9 RMB/W. Although the price of silver pulp is decreasing due to the fall in international silver prices, prices for mono-Si cells remain stable overall and will remain so in the fourth quarter, as prices will experience a small decline in October due to strong demand.

Prices for multi-Si wafers are now stable at between 2.6 and 2.65 RMB/piece due to relatively high costs

Panels :

According to PV InfoLink: Given the extent of the shortage of M6 cells and PV glass, as well as the production schedule for the panels, the fourth quarter will be the busiest of the year. The price of PV glass continues to rise.

Panel prices have stabilised recently. However, as the number of orders for the fourth quarter varies from producer to producer, there are a multitude of price proposals; prices for M6 modules would be 1.52 to 1.65 RMB/W or 1.58 to 1.6 RMB/W for most large PV projects. Panel prices in non-Chinese markets will remain at $0.2/W or higher, and about $0.22/W in the spot market.

With the return of the peak season and the inability to increase glass production, which affects panel production, shortages will persist until the end of this year. Therefore, here are the

With photovoltaic glass prices rising for October and cell prices stabilising, panel manufacturers are recording limited profits, leading to an ongoing conflict between buyers and sellers. Next week, an increasing number of contracts will be concluded, with 3.2mm and 2mm glass prices trending upwards.

PV InfoLink of 23 September

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