L R AS Published on Monday 31 August 2020 - n° 329 - Categories:United Kingdom, RE

UK government formally recognises the appeal of RE

The British government (through its Department of Energy, the BEIS) has just re-examined the cost of electricity according to the source of energy (solar, wind, gas, nuclear). It has found that the cost of renewable energy has fallen by

30% to 50% in seven years (2013 to 2020), and that this decline was steady over the period.

The 2020 study recalls the reasons for this cost reduction:technological learning in the industry - with larger, more efficient manufacturing plants for solar energy and larger turbines for wind power - but also operational experience, longer project lifetimes and cheaper financing.

BEIS recognises that solar and wind produce electricity much cheaper than any other technology. Further cost reductions are expected in renewables. As a result, electricity from onshore wind or solar could be obtained at half the cost of gas by 2025.


Tecsol of August 30

Editor's note There is nothing like an official organization to recognize what professionals have known for a long time. This observation does not yet lead to a change in British energy policy, but could lead to it.

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