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ABB has finalised the sale of its solar inverter business to the Italian company Fimer

ABB has finalised the sale of its solar inverter business to the Italian company Fimer SpA. This transaction allows ABB's electrification business to further focus its portfolio of activities on priority growth markets and to increase the commercial opportunities for solar inverters within Fimer.

ABB's solar inverter business employs around 800 people in more than 30 countries, with manufacturing and R&D facilities in Italy, India and Finland. It includes the solar inverter business of Power-One, which was acquired by ABB's Discrete Automation and Motion division in 2013. The company offers a complete portfolio of products, systems and services for different types of solar installations.

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Editor's note That such a large industrial group is abandoning the inverter activity (there is also Schneider Electric), indicates the violence of the commercial and industrial war raging for world domination. When such large groups give in to Chinese manufacturers, one has to ask oneself what is wrong in Europe in order not to continue to have industrial champions, and also to take safeguard measures. There is no reciprocity between European economic opening and Chinese closure to foreign sales. And Europe is doing nothing! What is its purpose?


Fimer takes over the manufacturing sites in India and Italy, and ABB's R&D centre in Finland. This involves 800 employees in 26 countries. With its own inverter business, Fimer will ship 7 GW of inverters in 2020, making it the world's fourth largest manufacturer of inverters.

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