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Interview of Sungrow's CEO by PV Tech

Sungrow is the world's second largest inverter manufacturer behind Huawei. In December 2019, cumulative inverter shipments exceeded 100 GW, making it the first inverter manufacturer in the world to reach this milestone.

Sungrow specialises in solar, wind, energy storage and electric vehicles. It designs products, manufactures them and provides after-sales service. Its inverters range from 2 kW to 6.8 MW.

With the completion of a new industrial park in 2019, its global industrial capacity exceeds 50 GW, of which 47 GW are produced in China and 3 GW in India. India will be a strategic focus for global expansion, with the 3 GW PV inverter manufacturing facility in Bangalore commissioned in 2018. With the advent of new emerging markets abroad, the demand for inverters has been steadily increasing. In order to be close to the demand, it is important to set up a factory there to better serve local and global customers.

Each market has its own characteristics. The products have been adapted to the different markets. For example, the 1,500 V inverter is, in terms of cost and performance, an ideal choice for countries with flat floors and for large projects.

PV Tech of 4 February

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